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New Book on John Dunn and the Zulu War

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Hello fellow enthusiasts.

I am an author, and my latest book, John Dunn, Heart of a Zulu has just been accepted for publication by Knox Robinson Publishing. It is not a history book, like those most excellent and extremely detailed books by Ian Knight and others. It's Historical Fiction, based on the true story of John Dunn. I did use Ian Knight's piece on John Dunn as a source of reference, as well as Donald Morris's The Washing of the Spears. Certainly, I used John Dunn's autobiography and Cetshwayo's notes from A Zulu King Speaks. I read Oliver Walker's Proud Zulu, but not as a source of reference. Robert Edgerton's Like Lions They Fought was another source. My publisher is seeking endorsements or reviews that could be used at time of publication.

Even though the book is a novel, I strived to maintain an accurate and true to history account of the events that took place between the years 1856, (The Battle at enDondakusuka,) and 1879, (The Anglo-Zulu War.) Mostly the only fiction I instilled was a subplot concerning Catherine Pierce and some other subplots that had no bearing on the real events. I focused on Dunn's point of view, but I also included POVs from Cetshwayo, Dabulamanzi, Masipula, Sihayo, Bishop William Colenso, Lord Chelmsford, Colonel Wood, Colonel Glyn, Theophilus Shepstone, Shepstone's sons Offy, William and George, Shepstone's brother John Shepstone, and others.

If interested, email me at [email protected] and I will send you a PDF. If you do provide an endorsement or review I can use, your review and your name, (along with the titles of your own books or publications) will be included on the first page of my book upon its release.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Mark M. DeRobertis,
Author of John Dunn, Heart of a Zulu
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New Book on John Dunn and the Zulu War
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