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Royal Welsh Museum - Zulu Club

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Just a quick plug for Bill and the resurrected Zulu Club newsletter. Nice to see this up and running again. Hopefully Bill will be along to explain a bit more about it.

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Other than a somewhat unsophisticated weapon also known as a knobkerrie or iwisa, what's a Zulu Club?
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Bill Cainan 3

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Hi Everyone

The "Zulu Club" was started many years ago following visitors to the Brecon museum saying that they'd like something on the Anglo-Zulu War as a follow up. A lot of the initial interest was from children - and there were initiatives aimed specifically at them - such as a competition to draw Zulus. The communication was via email in the form of small newsletters coming out at infrequent intervals.

Over the last few years, the frequency of newsletters being issued dropped to zero - partially because at the time the Brecon Museum was fully involved in the setting up of "Firing Line" in Cardiff Castle and the consequent absorbtion of the Welch Regiment collection, there was also the change over from Martin to myself. So, lots of things conspired to push the priority of "The Zulu Club" downwards.

However, we're back ! Of the 920 email addresses we had on file, some 467 are still active.

As before, we will issue a Newsletter at infrequent intwervals, updating people on developments in the Museum, developments in the AZW world and including some snippets on the AZW itself (the issue just released had, for example, a list of thec 24th's officers and their locations on the 22 Jan 1879.

We will obviously have to put a link on the new website, and will be working on this ASAP. I will provide full details shortly.

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Royal Welsh Museum - Zulu Club
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