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Adopt & adapt .
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While it is sad that the knowledge of J Young is at this moment not available i hope we can all learn lessons in attitude & behaviour . His depth of knowledge in regards the Zulu war is of legend and as we are in a democracy i hope we can continue free speech and keep away from personal and often hurting comments , nuff said .

I am a " team " player and despite having a glass fibre Martini-Henry i always bring it along and would rather be in the " background " when in period costume . Yes it would be nice to own one for real but the public are just as keen to learn it was a film prop from " Zulu Dawn " and adequate ( then ) for me . I enjoy re-enactments despite the mounting costs and wish there was a sort of CO-OP where budding enthusiasts could go to for not so expensive kit , yes there are many outlets selling such items but i suspect there are those whose budget these days is very tight .

Things are coming down in price ( a little ) , let`s hope the same applies to re-enactment items . Research is , " my cup of tea " and am always willing to assist & receive data in the same quantities , recently having a huge flood of information re William Roy DCM , it`s amazing just what is out there still . Dedications and events are what the public see but it is those with much knowledge that put us right . I thank J Young for his positive comments and will strive John to get that proper sized pill-box hat RE . It all takes time and i learn everyday , let`s hope John reconsiders his position and we don`t lose his vast talents , Thank You , " Sapper " Wink
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Adopt & adapt .
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