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24th Last Shako Plate - original or fake???

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Here is an interesting question. Listed below are two 24th of Foot Last Shako Plates. Both are claimed to be original but both have slight differences, especially with regard to the cut-out of the number 2.
What are you thoughts - are they both real, both fake or does one make a better claim than the other.

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John Young

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In my opinion, just by looking at the photographs, the one on the right appears to have been aged with gun blue, so that could be a fake.

If you are concerned I suggest you that coating analysed by having some tested from the rear of the plate. Should it prove to be gun blue, then I'd ask the person you acquired it from why?

John Y.
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Martin Everett

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I have looked at the two 1869-1878 shako plates that we have in the collection from the battlefield of Isandlwana. Each veries slightly - even though we know these are from the period. The difficulties seem to be:

1. The regiments often sourced the stock of replacements locally - particularly when stationed in India. So there is no standard pattern.

2. For many regiments, the plates were standard except for the numerals in the centre; thus making it relatively easy to devise a '24' version (or mold) from a genuine badge.

3. Perhaps if you see Dougie MacMasters at the Blockhouse Museum, just outside of Ladysmith. He has a number of genuine examples of 24th shako plates. Examination of these plates is likely to confirm my views.

Martin Everett
Brecon, Powys
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What about the one on the left? The seller of this one was selling a Zulu war Medal named to a member of the 24th- which was genuine, as well as this

glengarry badge at the same time. Would that help to confirm the authenticity of the shako badge in any way?


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24th Last Shako Plate - original or fake???
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