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20th May 2004cannon fire
By Paul Neville
Much has been said as to how fast the troops could fire their Martini's. How many cannon shots could be fired in one minute? How many men in a gun crew? And would the rate of fire depend on if they were firing case or regular shells?
21st May 2004Keith Smith
According to second-hand evidence, about forty rounds were fired by each of the two cannon, in a period of about 75-80 minutes. This indicates a firing rate of about one round every two minutes. The last two rounds fired were case.
26th May 2004Mike McCabe
I have not read the book myself, but DP&G Military Publishers of Doncaster DN4 0HN are newly advertising facsimile copies of the HMSO Handbook for the 7pdr Rifled ML Steel Gun 200lb 1878. That should provide an authoritative reply to your question on rates of fire etc. They also sell the equivalent Handbook for the 9 pdr RML Gun of 6cwt.