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17th May 2004Pulliene's death
By Chris
I take it the cinematic death of Colonel Pulliene in the movie zulu dawn is dramatic license. Does anyone know how he and Durnford actually died?
17th May 2004John Young

Try a site search on the foot of the home page, we've discussed both men in the past and their respective fates at Isandlwana.

John Y.
17th May 2004David Alan Gardner
Yes your right, dramatic licence, but the film is accurate in many ways, much more so than Zulu.
Good old Pulleine (prounced Pullayne I believe as opposed to the Pulleen in the film) probably died outwith the camp while retreating with many of his men.
Durnford may have actaully died pretty similar to what happened on screen.Zulu accounts mention overcoming Durnford and his men by throwing assegeis at them in the end.
Durnford probably died after Pulleine, who knows maybe even later than many think.I believe his watch stopped at three thirty, although I think most accounts have it over long before.
18th May 2004Julian Whybra
My understanding is that it is pronounced Pull-een.
18th May 2004Andrew Holliday
I agree with Pulleine's death that he died with his men in the many last stand groups. He probably died in one of the bigger groups ( thats only an opinion)
18th May 2004David Alan Gardner
Pulleine is from the french cognate Poulain, meaning colt (there was me thinking you were good at French-non?)

Variations in English are Pullen, Pulleyn, Poullain.
I think you'll agree the proninciation should be "Pullayne" , not Pulleen based on the above.
19th May 2004Peter Quantrill
The book " Titles and Forms of Address," twelfth edition and first published by Adam and Charles Black, London, has a section under " Pronunciations of Proper Names."
Pulleine is pronounced " Pool--len."
As a matter of interest Clery is shown as ---
19th May 2004David Gardner
I'd go along with that as Pool-len is of course same as the Pullen, and near to Pulleyn or even Poullain.
Pull-een is too far off.
19th May 2004Julian Whybra
The pronunciation has nothing to do with derivations in this case. I don't mean to be brusque but...
1. I have met the family descendants. The surname IS pronounced Pull-een.
2. The sundry contemporary accounts and diaries (MacPhail's for example) referring to Pulleine often misspell the name as Pulleen, an indication of the correct pronunciation.
3. QM Pullen's name was pronounced Pull-en
Je me presse de rire de tout de peur d'etre oblige d'en pleurer. (sorry my pc doesn't do accents)
19th May 2004David Alan Gardner
Well if you've been lucky enough to meet the family, that's settled then! It is the exception to the rule, but I'll take your word for it.

Ian McKnight got wrong as well then!

You brusque??........ shurely shome mishtake?????
20th May 2004Julian whybra
Luck wasn't involved. Should you be lucky enough to meet Ian, his surname is Knight (pronounced night) not McKnight. I apologize to you if you did feel I was brusque, I didn't mean to be. But I do like to be clear so that information is precise, evidence is provided, and contributors aren't misled through ambiguities. There is so much fog of war in the AZW it's important to get right what is known. Yours, with best intentions.
20th May 2004David Alan Gardner
No need to apologise.I apologise for the mispelling of Ian.
Up here in Jockland, it's second nature to prefix every name with Mac or Mc. Miind you, I don't think I'd make a mistake with your name Julian, I don't know of any MacWhybra's up here!