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11th May 2004A Public Thank You to Barbara Lindsay
By Steven Sass
I want to express my gratitude publicly to Barbara Lindsay. Prior to the "Zulu War, Through the Eyes of the London Illustrated News" being available through this site, I placed an order for it about two months ago. After writing Barbara it was decided the most direct way to get payment to her was to wire the money. After service fees and shipping were added the total to be wired was 38.50 pounds sterling. My bank ( I'll sheepishly admit I sit on its board of directors) decided to wire 100 times that amount or 3850 pounds sterling from my savings account. It was Barbara who informed me of this mistake and immediately offered to begin the process of wiring it back. Had she not been as honorable a person, she could have refused leaving me no recourse but to fight it out with my bank, perhaps leading to my resignation from the board. Since there wasn't anyone that was anxious to admit it was their mistake I assume it would have been a messy situation.

So once again Barbara, thank you. Ron and Peter you couldn't have a more outstanding and honorable person representing your interests in the UK.

Steven Sass
11th May 2004Clive Dickens
My god that would have been a very costly book indeed , I think the lady at least earns a slap up evening out for that.