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6th May 2004Number of Nco's in a company , Zulu war time
By Garnier Fred
I'm trying to represent a line infantry company with 25mm figurines, so I would need the number of NCO's ( with the number for each rank : eg. 3 sergeants, 2 corporals etc...), and why not the figures at battalion level, including officers with their appointments.
Thanks helping me.
6th May 2004Bill Cainan

Under the topic "The Battle" in the Section "More Information" on the left you will find a nominal roll of B Company 2/24th. This was not an untypical company and you can easily add up the number of Sergeants, Corporals, Drummers, etc.

Are you really aiming to recreate a Battalion with 25mm figures ? You will need over 800 ! Each battalion would have had eight companies, a band and a small Regimental Headquarters.

Good luck

6th May 2004Garnier Fred
Many thanks Bill, I think it'll help.
And no, I'm not crazy enough to make the full battalion , but maybe the Headquarters and those who have special duties : regimental sergeant-major , cooks , bandsmen ...etc
I've already the full company done, I only have to paint the rank on the sleeves with the aid of the roll call ( and why not name each fig according to this roll call ! )
I'm also beginning to paint figs with the various uniforms of the British forces : no less than 15 different units, including Navy and Artillery !
Not to speak of the Irregulars and NNC.
I've some work for the next months!
Any comments will be welcome.
7th May 2004Martin Everett
Dear Fred
From the horse's mouth as they say:
On the 31 Oct 1878 the 1/24th were 686 strong, as follows:
Colonel 1
Lt Col 1
Majors 2
Capts 9
Lts 14
2Lt 2
Staff 4 (? Sgt Major, QMS 2, Bandmaster ?)
Sgts 49 (I assume included CSgts)
Cpls 40
Drummer 17

Included in the above was the Company based St Johns

Capt 1
Lts 2
Sgts 4 (inlcuding 1 CSgt)
Cpls 6
Drummer 1
Ptes. 75

However when the 1/24th arrvied in Cape Town the strength was about 759.

7th May 2004Bill Cainan

You've missed a line out on the strength of the 1/24th as at 31 Oct 1878. If youll forgive the pun - it would appear the men had no privates !

There should be a line which says "Privates 547" !!

Sorry, couldn't resist it !

7th May 2004Garnier Fred
Thanks Martin and Bill, you were of an unvaluable help for me.
6th June 2004Chuck P
might i suggest that numbering the bases, and having the actual name/number correspond in a ledger roll is the way to go if you are going to game with your figures

it's a great way of keeping track of who is inline for a 'promotion' after a battle, and if a character is killed*, his replacement is given a new name on the roll, with applicable experience etc, most of the battles i've been a part of 'putting on' use about 100ish British figures, and about 300ish Zulu figures ( regenerating rules apply )

this site has proved to be a treasure chest of information for the smallest details, I appreciate all of those small details