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6th January 20029 pdr or 7 pdr
By Alex Rossiter
At isandlwana was it two 7 pounders or two 9 pounders cannons.
I read semwhere that is was 7 pdrs but after seeing photos of a 7 pounder cannon (which is the height of someones knee). some sources say 7 pdr some say 9 pdr ,could someone help?
6th January 2002John Young

The cannon used by 'N' Battery, 5th Brigade, Royal Artillery were 7 pounders. They mounted on a locally adapted carriage, known as 'The Kaffrian Carriage'.

What I suggest you're confusing it with is the 7 pounder mounted on mountain gun carriage.

The Naval Brigade's gun carriages were also low, as depicted in illustrations/photographs of H.M.S. Active's landing brigade.

I do have a photograph of the Isandlwana guns if that any use to you?

John Young,
Anglo-Zulu War Research Society.
6th January 2002Alex Rossiter
Hello John ,the photo i saw was of the moutain carriage,a photo of the guns would be very usefull,thanks for the help
7th January 2002Glenn Wade
Hi Alex! I was confused about that as well! John, is the gun that the two blokes are slumped over in the view of Isandlwana in 'Zulu' a 7 pounder from the time? Thanks!
8th January 2002Brian Best
Hello Alex. Just to confirm what you have been told and to advise you that there is a new book published which graphically tells of the N/5's part at Isandlwana. I know it is unashamedly self-promoting, but I am the author of "The Curling Letters of the Zulu War", pub.Pen & Sword, ISBN:0-85052-849-6.
Brian Best
8th January 2002John Young

The cannon used at the opening of 'Zulu', is most certainly not a 7 pounder Rifled Muzzle Loading cannon from the time.

The bore of it is far too large, it's at least a 9 or 12 pounder cannon.

Maybe I can piece something together on the artillery pieces of the campaign, and with The Webmaster's permission post it on the site.

(Brian, two free adverts now that's pushing it!)

John Young
Anglo-Zulu War Research Society.
20th January 2002John Young

Just to let you know I tried to e-mail you with attachments of the photographs of the guns, but your mailbox was full.

20th January 2002Alex Rossiter
Thankyou for trying ,i will empty my mail box ,i get so much junk mail its hard to delete it all