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3rd June 2003written order to Cavaye?
By Mark Nichipor
In Edmund Yorke's book "Rorke's Drift 1879: Anatomy of an epic Zulu War Siege" the author references a recently discovered letter from Pulleine to Cavaye. The original is WBP, Barlow collection.

I am curious where this came from (battlefield find?) is it the real thing ?
4th June 2003Dave Nolan

Mark, If you mean the note pictured on page 140, have a close look at the 'received' time and date in the bottom left hand corner of the note (quite faint). In my opinion this raises questions about authenticity. Dave
4th June 2003Martin Everett
Dear Mark,
I can confrim there are serious doubts over its authenticity. I am sure that Julian Whybra will be able respond more fully about this.
9th June 2003Julian whybra
This message is a forgery. It was the subject of discussion some time ago on this website. Without giving too much away here I have just written an article about this which is about to be published in the next issue of the Royal Zulu War Society's Journal.
27th June 2005abu bomba
Julian, it has been recently brought to my attention that you yourself are in fact a forgery. Please send me proof of your authenticity and Martin and I will get back to you asap.