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4th April 2003re killed by zulus
By Alan Morton
see 27 march.
It must be nice to get a response,even one.
My cecil vivian Tonge was killed by zulus and still have ,nt got any answers.pity he was,nt doing his bit for someone else,s Queen and country, or a victim of highland clearances.
4th April 2003John S Radburn

The only thing that I have been able to find out about Tonge that in 1888 he was a trader in Zululand and he was travelling to the coast when he was murdered by a zulu called Mpikwa who confessed to the murder at his trial in March 1889.


John S Radburn
5th April 2003Alan Morton
John SR
many thanks for info on Tonge, suprised to get any thing at all, it is more than I could find.Would like to know where i could read it.
7th April 2003John S Radburn

If you try the following web site it gives a fairly good story of the whole affair.

It comes from the Journal of Natal and Zulu History Vol. XV 1994/1995
Re, Zululand 1887-1889: The Court of the Special Commissioners for Zululand and the Rule of Law.


John R
9th April 2003alan morton
John R
Thanks John for added info on Tonge,
Was about to search the local News paper archives.You have given me enough to keep me quiet for a while.
Thanks again.