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3rd April 2003Repeat broadcast of Zulu war on U.K history channel
By Clive Dickens
For those who missed it or like myself want to see it again the Series Zulu war which was broadcast on UK History channel is to be repeated week commencing 7th April .I think the fact that Ian Knight is narrating makes it worthwhile viewing again.
3rd April 2003Diana Blackwell
Is there a kind soul somewhere in the UK who would be willing to videotape this for me? I'd be happy to pay for the tape, postage, etc.
3rd April 2003Mo Jones.
Hi Diana.

It depends where you live ????, if it's the
U S A our V H S tapes will not play on your
machines over there or so I am told !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Best wishes.

Mo Jones.
The 1879 Group.
3rd April 2003Diana Blackwell
I live in the USA , but PAL-NTSC conversion is commercially available in my town. So the format difference is not a problem.
4th April 2003Joseph
I'd like to get a copy of that as well. I will gladly pay for tape, shipping and your trouble and time.
4th April 2003Clive Dickens
I must warn you that there is an awful lot of advertising during this series which is a very big problem if you get someone to record it for you. I spoke or I should say wrote to Ian Knighht concerning this and he had himself had requested if possible an advert free recording of it and he said he would try to get me one as I have heard nothing since I can only assume he has had no success with his request.
4th April 2003Diana Blackwell
Thanks for the heads-up on the ads. It sounds annoying, but I guess an ad-filled copy is better than none at all.
5th April 2003Barry Iacoppi
Can someone give me the exact times and channel. My relatives in the U.K. failed to catch it last time.
I find English ads entertaining.
5th April 2003Clive Dickens
It is on UK HISTORY channel on SKY 582 ,NT607/100 TWest203 and Feeview 12. it is first broadcast ON mONDAY 7/APRIL at 0900hrs again at 1500hrs and again at 2100hrs and it carries on daily at these times with the exception of Wednesday 9 th April when it is then broadcast at 0930hrs again at 1530hrs, and 2130hrs this is the last broadcast if anyone is interested a prog on the Boar War is broadcast on the same channels from the 10/April I saw this too last time out and to be honest I thought it better produced than the Zulu war prog it is narrated by that very fine Welsh actor Kenneth Griffith.I hope this helps
5th April 2003Miguel
I would love to have those tapes too. Of course I'd be more than happy to pay for all expenses involved and I live in Spain.

Any good British Samaritan willing to lend a hand to the ignorant continental masses?

Besides I want to see if British advertising is nearly as bad as the Spanish counterpart.

7th April 2003Barry Iacoppi
Thank you Clive. I hope I have better luck this time.
7th April 2003Peter Ewart

I had hoped to report being able to send you a recording of the original showing in Jan but I'm afraid it hasn't worked out. I don't have a TV but a friend of mine, knowing of my AZW interest, had recorded the three episodes & showed them to me all in one go a few days later.

Seing your request I got him to look for it but after an exhaustive search he has to admit defeat and presumes he has recorded over it. (Clearly not an AZW afficionado!) However, I do hope you are lucky - I'm sure someone on this forum will be able to record it for you.

Incidentally, I was slightly surprised to see little or no comment about the programmes on this forum. I thought the commentary by Ian Knight, with Ian Castle & John Laband, was excellent and, to be honest, would have been better on radio, given that (apart from the use of quite a few well known photos) the visual effects seemed fairly bizarre to me, being padded out with blurred (slow motion?) scenes apparently from modern/reinactment activities, repeatedly endlessly, which didn't, I think, add to the programme.

It's particular strength (I thought) was that it was a straight forward, undramatic, sensible and sound overall account of the rise and fall of the Zulu (with no controversy that I recall) the best parts being the straight forward "narrator to camera" sequences. What did anyone else think?

8th April 2003Clive Dickens
I recorded the entire series last time I still have it If I can get someone with the facilities to copy it then I will do so for you no concrete promises mind I would have recorded it this time but I am away from home for the rest of this week so you would have only have had one episode which of course would have been of little use but I promise if I can find someone to copy mine for you then I will do so.
8th April 2003Diana Blackwell
Peter and Clive,
Thanks for your persistent efforts to get me this show. Your kindness is really overwhelming. The problem has been solved and couple of fellow-Yanks and I are going to share conversion costs on a PAL copy that one of us already owns. (Of course, that arrangement is a direct result of this wonderful forum, too.)
If I can ever help you track down anything from American TV (or if you ever need any obscure James Booth movies), please don't hesitate to contact me.