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30th March 2003Zulu Remake....again
By Richard Waters
Joseph Fiennes as Chard
Damien Lewis as Bromhead (Clive Dickens good suggestion)
Sam Neill as Adendorff
Charles Dance as James L Dalton
Robson Green as Hook
what do you think?
14th April 2003Kyle Smith
I have spent a long time wondering who should play who but here is my list for a Zulu Dawn remake:

Russel Crowe- Durnford
Kiefer Sutherland- Vereker
Damien Lewis- Sgt. Williams
Jason Statham- Coghill
Colin Farell- Melvill
Mel Gibson- Chelmsford
Anthony Hopkins- Bartle Frere
12th July 2004steve
heres mine
no appologies for including the lates and greats..........

morgan freeman-cetswayo
basil rathbone-chelmsford
c.aubrey smith-pulleine
moore marriot-bloomfield
dennis price-bartle frere
terry thomas-noggs newman
nigel bruce-crealock
jeremy brett-durnford
robert newton-maori hamilton browne

13th July 2004Peter Ewart

Ah! C. Aubrey Smith for Pulleine! What a choice. I wonder if you've inadvertently hit upon something important here?

As he was the captain of an England cricket tour to Australia in 1887/8 & also remained in S Africa after touring with another side there the following winter, I think you may have something. I always think of him as the only captain of Sussex and England to be knighted rather than as the star in, say, Lives of a Bengal Lancer. By casting him as Pulleine you may have solved the mystery of where the 24th's cricket togs were hiding all along. Their elusiveness remains one of the thorns in my side as far as the whole AZW picture goes, but you have probably hit the nail on the head and let the cat out of the bag (nothing wrong with a metaphor or two!) and I'd agree with you - yes, the bag was tucked away in Pulleine's tent all the time, no doubt beneath that notorious writing bureau.

In any remake, Sir Charles can be portrayed defending the pads and gloves (with a stump of course, rather than his revolver!) as that murderous Zulu entered his tent and sent him to the pavilion in the sky.

Is the search now at and end, then? I'll look forward to the remake and the defence of the gear by he of the huge moustache and acquiline nose. It had better be good. (Mind you, I haven't seen the first one yet).