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29th March 2003Zulu Dawn DVD
By Andrew
I recently purchase A ZD DVD.And I have found the quality IE picture noies quite poor compared to Zulu.I have a latest Flat screen digital TV.Has anyone ellse found the picture quility poor,especially when compared to the Zulu DVD.

31st March 2003Keith Wilkinson
You are quite right the quality does not match the latest Zulu DVD. The worst point is the picture has been drastically cropped from the original aspect ratio of 2.35:1 to 1.78:1.
See also the web site:- for other opinions.
31st March 2003Martin Everett
Dear Andrew,
I have to say that we waited 20 years for a VHS version - we kept being told by the BBC that the original print of the film was not of sufficient quality. Your experience with the DVD version seems to confirm this.