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10th February 2003Zulu Medal 1902
By M.Price
Can anyone tell me how many Edward V11
Medals were issued to the the Zulu Chiefs
and any other information about these.
10th February 2003John S Radburn

In reply to question as to how many medals there were of the 'Africa General Service Medal', I dont know. But I can tell you that a total of FORTY FIVE bars were issued. The first being East Africa 1902 and the last Kenya 1952-56 (yes 1952-56).
I dont know wether this answers any part of your enquiry.


John R

I dont know of any specific medal issued to the Zulu Chiefs.
11th February 2003Martin Everett
The Army Order No. 132 June 1902 which approved the Africa General Service Medal stated that this was struck to commemorate military operations in East, Central and West Africa - no mention of 'Zululand'.

There was the Cape of Good Hope General Service Medal (Army Order 841 of 1900 with Queen Victoria's head) which was granted to officers and men of the Colonial Forces who were engaged on activwe service in Basutoland 1880-81, Transkei 1880-81 and Bechuanaland 1896-97. Thats closer.
11th February 2003John S Radburn

Please explain how an Edward VII Medal can be awarded prior to the King's Coronation, afterwards yes, but not before.


John R
11th February 2003M.Price
The Medal is known as the Natal Coronation
Medal 1902 can be seen in the Medal Yearbook 2001 it only tells that they were issued unnamed to Zulu Chiefs I was hoping for some one to tell me more about the Medal.
11th February 2003Martin Everett
I have a reference book called 'Coronation and Royal Commemorative Medals 1887-1977' by Lt Col H N Cole which has no reference to it. I also have a very comprehensive work published in 1911 by A A Payne on British and Foreign Orders, Medals and Decorations. Again no reference.

I see the Medal Year Book for a price for the Natal Coronation Medal says 'Rare'. I am not sure where you would find a list of recipients. It is unlikely there is one in the Public Record Office at Kew - you could search their catalogue at to see whether a list exists there. Otherwise there may be some reference in the Killie Campbell Library in Durban or in the PMB Archives.

Or you could throw your question tob the experts
It would nice to know how many were issued and whether a medal has come up for sale recently.

The date on the medal is 26 June 1902. This was the date of Coronation - but as all schoolboys knew in my day (here I am giving away my age) that the King suffered from Appendicitis and had to be operated on. The Coronation finally took place on 9 August 1902. The medals had already been struck with the wrong date.

I trust this helps