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10th February 2003Zulu Music
By Gwyllim Parry
I have a CD with a selection of the British music from the movie Zulu. It also includes some of the Zulu stamps. My question is, does a copy of the zulu chants exist? I did hear one of the refrains in the movie Gladiator. I found the fact that it came when the Celts were getting ready to take on the Invading Romans a bit of a tie in with the Celts who stood against the Zulu horde. I wont make mention that they were Welshmen. Last time I did that I got a broadside from a number of sides pointing out that the 24th was NOT a totally Welsh regiment. Personally I think they might have won the battle sooner if it were. Seriously though I admit that perhaps as Welsh we take too much pride in the fact that we were there. It is painfull to admit that we had to have some Engilshmen there to help us out. The bottom line of course is that those who dedicate their time an efforts to remembering an honoring the battle come from many other great nations. I would be proud to down a drink with any one of you.....
As long as your buying of course.
14th February 2003Scott Carson
Dont know too much about the music only that there was a couple of us Scotsmen to help you at Rorkes Drift as well!! Mine's a pint Cheers
15th February 2003Mo Jones.
Hi Scott.

Who were they then ?????????????.

Mines a large one please !!!!!!!!!!.

Best wishes.

17th February 2003Leigh Tarrant
As far as I know, there are currently no zulu chant music to be bought in the UK, only sampled Zulu riffs.....John Barry had troubles initially too!!! He had to go and record his own Zulu chant music before using it as a base for his work on the 1964 film soundtrack. You could try HMV in London...maybe they can find
a rare piece on some 'world music' genre album someplace....Buts its a hard one. I coinicedentally have two friends that worked on some music for an album, which was influenced by 'Zulu' chants from South Africa. Check out the links page to Brian Shorts music...on
18th February 2003James Garland
I watched a piece of film about a royal visit to South Africa by King George where he is being received by a Zulu delegation. They were chanting the same war chant as in the film Zulu. I can't remember what year the visit was in and I havn't seen that bit of film for about 15 years but it was quite impressive.
23rd February 2003Tony
Aim to get hold of WinMX and then more importantly an application called NapMX.

/me points to for the latest in P2P network news. You should be able to get links the the prior off this url.

WinMX is a bog standard P2P client whilst NapMX is a 3rd party application that contacts a website for an updated list of Open network IP's. Simply import these into WinMX.

This will give you the ability to literally search the worlds shared resources.

Please be aware that the majority of these networks require a certain quota to be met for access. My advice to share > than 10Gb of data and > than 1000 files. Also wait for the networks to connect before searching.

Going back to the heading of the article.
If you search in any permutation "Zulu" "African" "Native" "Chant" "Natal"; you will literally get thousands of songs at your fingertips.

Locating the exact chants of the film 'Zulu' is hard if you don't know what you are looking for.

Good luck and happy hunting.