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8th February 2003Commemorative ware
By Robin Hickman
Does anyone know if there was any commemorative ware made at the time of the Anglo-Zulu War. Or of any commemorative ware made since the end of this war?
9th February 2003John Young
There was a bust produce in parren of the Prince Imperial, issued in 1879. It depicts him in evening wear and wearing his Legion of Honour.

It is the only object I've come across of that ilk from the period.

Some plates were produced for the 100th & 120th anniversaries mainly in South Africa.
9th February 2003Melvin Hunt
Does anyone know of these plates and whether or not they can still be bought?
9th February 2003Clive Dickens
9th February 2003Clive Dickens
9th February 2003Clive Dickens
Sorry my ISP is going to get some stick from me over this it is not the first time they have decided to cut me off while I am in the middle of something.
Melvin I have seen them they are very nice too ,but dispite many efforts I have not been ale to find out he source so if you are lucky please let me know. in the meantime perhaps this is a good idea for our web master to make some money for the site it is as we all know the 125th anniversary next year so go to it Peter
9th February 2003Peter Critchley
Hi Chaps,

Indeed, it could well be something that Alan looks into..

10th February 2003Geoff Thursfield
Is it worth approaching one of our Brewers to produce an Anniversary Ale. Wouldn't make much money but would generate interest.
10th February 2003Ron Sheeley
I picked up a commemorative plate at the 120th anniversary kick-off dinner for events at the Royal Hotel in Durban. This was given out to all guests at the dinner. It is quite attractive. If anyone would like a scan, I'll get out the digital camera--just send a request to my email address. Ron