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3rd February 2003Hector Grant
By John S Radburn
Over the week-end, whilst surfing the net I came across the 'Caithness Archives', describing how a Caithness soldier was caught up in the fighting at Isandhwana and lived to tell the tale.
One part of the transcript describes how he escaped and told the defenders of Rorke's drift about the disaster and advised them to get out while they still had time. They ignored his warning and he went on his way to Helpmekaar and was met by Major Spalding coming in the opposite direction.
My point is, did he go via Rorke's Drift or was it Poetic Licence.


John R
4th February 2003Martin Everett
Dear John,
Hector Grant (Pte 665) was one of 8 soldiers of the 1/24th attached to the Rocket Battary at Isandhlwana. He survived the action and prepared an account which was to be used for the court of enquiry. A transcript of the account is published in 'The Noble 24th' by Norman Holme. I hold the original. However, similar accounts by Ptes Johnson and Trainer (also 1/24th att Rocket Battery) make no mention of warning RD before meeting Maj Spalding on the Helpmakaar Road.