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23rd June 2001Zulu war chant translation
By George
Well, thanks to some alert readers, the site has now provided the words to the most stirring rendition of “Men of Harlech”, found in the Popular Myths section. I frequently sing them on the way to and from work. Fortunately, I generally ride alone.

Here in my part of the states, the movie “Zulu” has again been frequenting the airwaves. The Zulu chant in their original charge at the drift was also stirring. It must have stirred the Gladiator folks, as well, as that very chant was used in that contemporary film. Something about demonstrating savagery, according to other posts here.

Do any of you S.A. folks have a translation of that Zulu chant? Of course, the cake’s icing would be the Zulu chant translation during the dueling vocals with “Men of Harlech”.

Best, G.