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13th June 2001Information on my great (x3) Grandfather
By Daniel Copeland
I am loking for information on my Great (x3) Grandfather a Pte. Carpenter, who according to his death notice was at the drift. This is an often claimed thing in my family and I would like to know if he was there. Thank you.
14th June 2001Alan Critchley
many people passed through or stayed at Rorke's Drift during the Zulu War. Many of them liked to say this after the events there. Worth a free pint or two. There is no soldier by the name of Carpenter on the list of defenders.
There are two Carpenters in the 24th. One a Corporal, William 2Bn., another a Private William H. 1Bn. who was killed at Isandlwana.
If you have any more details I could check further.
Alan Critchley
14th June 2001Daniel Copeland
The death notice stated a veteran of the Zulu war, and there was a mention of the drift. I do believe his name was William, I will check to see if I can get more information on him. Do you have a site that I can check to get his record of service. Thank you.
15th June 2001John Young
Corporal William Carpenter, 25th Brigade No.609, 2nd/24th Regt.

Enlisted at Monmouth 17/7/1875 aged 19 yrs.

Entitled to South Africa General Service Medal 1877-8-9.

Suggest you try the R.R.W. Museum, Brecon website for possible papers. There's a link from this site.