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19th March 2002What was a Bombardier?
By Gillian Mead
My Great, grandfather was a Bombardier in
the Royal Artillery in South Africa. I do not
know what that means other than he drove
a wagon (carrying what???) Can anybody
help!!! Thomas Lewis eventually became
a Tram Driver in Islington, London. He died
in the early 1900's and is buried at Highgate
Cemetery. Does anybody live near Highgate?
I'd love to know if there is a gravestone or
marker...... something to show what a brave
man he was.
19th March 2002Julian Whybra
A bombardier was the Royal Artillery equivalent of a Corporal.
So, lance-bombardier = lance-corporal
3rd April 2002Richard Doherty
A bombardier today is the Royal Artillery equivalent of a corporal but this was not always so. He was be the equivalent of a lance-corporal until 1920 and wore a single chevron. The next rank was corporal but this lapsed in the RA with Army Order 142 of 1920. Thereafter, bombardiers were permitted to wear two chevrons and the rank of lance-bombardier came into being. There was also a rank of lance-sergeant (or 'serjeant') which was still in use during the Second World War. Today it exists only in the Guards.
So Gillian's great-grandfather was the equivalent of a modern lance-bombardier. The wagon he drove may have carried ammunition.