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18th March 2002DVD region2
By Arthur Bainbridge
I have heard that Zulu will be released on DVD on he 3rd of June
no idea about extras,if anyone finds out then please add to subject
18th March 2002jay
Hi, please contact Sheldon Hall for the release date of zulu on DVD. As you already know, I am in possession of a 26min. film showing the filming of zulu in South Africa. Most of this will be as an extra on DVD. Because of all the research I think it will not be possible to release it in June. There is so much coming to light what we don`t know! If you are interested you can have a look at my film. Maybe we should organise something so that more people can see it. This film has been lost for 37 years. I bought it from a dealer of 16mm films who thought it was just a documentary about zulu tribes.
12th April 2002Bryce
Zulu has already been released on DVD. I am positive because I bought it in December. Now I am not sure if they have released it in England because I live in America. If you live in America you can get it at Best Buy.