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31st August 2005Zulu - The Remake
By Andy Lee
Hi Folks

If you follow the link it appears that other forums are talking about Zulu - The remake.

Any one out there heard anymore developments with Mel Gibsons proposed venture?

31st August 2005Rich
I read some of the passionate opinions. The '64 movie still agitates. Some are in the vein of "Don't touch!" What got me was one fellow noting that if they remade the movie he'd think there would be only about 10 real Zulus and the rest in CGI!
31st August 2005Tom J-K
Time perhaps for 'Zulu - The Musical'
Opening with a high kicking version of 'Springtime with Chelmsford'.
And, to celebrate the many Irishmen at Rorke's Drift: "If you're Irish, come into the La-a-ager".
Now that could be a seriously good film, and much more authentic than the original.
31st August 2005Michael Boyle
That thread was not unlike those seen here when the subject is proposed. Actually Mel will be rather busy for quite a while filming his next one ; a Mayan epic in the original Mayan dialect. (No joke!) If you visit the web sites that follow planning and production schedules you'll see that neither Mel nor anyone else has a new "Zulu" in the pipeline.
31st August 2005Coll
My opinion doesn't matter much, but if a remake of Zulu was made, we'd at least have something to compare the original to, instead of always wondering and discussing what it would be like and whether it would be successful or not.

Any movie that pursues the subject of the AZW, remake or not, I feel keeps the subject fresh in people's minds, and may actually attract more enthusiasts to this campaign, in the same way as the original film did for many of us.

Additionally, if successful, it could always lead on to the remake of Zulu Dawn, which can't be a bad thing in my opinion, whether many of the Zulus are CGI or not, as these special effects are impressive and would enable the film makers to show 20,000 warriors attacking the camp to really give a better idea of what the British defenders in the camp saw on the actual day.

Do you not think it is better to hear there may be a film in development about Isandlwana or Rorke's Drift, rather than some other campaign that is of no interest to us ?

I'm just thankful to have film versions of the subjects that I'm very interested in, as there are probably many other enthusiasts of other campaigns who are not so lucky.

I'm all for movies to be made on this subject, but nobody can take away the impact the original version(s) made when first seen.