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28th August 2005can anyone help me
By Sam Beckett
Hi there my name is sam beckett i think i maybe related to one of the defenders of the post. can anyone help me. I would be greatful for any help. thanks you
28th August 2005Andrew
First thing we would need is a name.Try the National Archives at Kew.They will have service records,though there id chance you may not find anything.You might want to even try finding a pro to do research into your family history.Best of luck with your search.
28th August 2005Peter Ewart

As Andrew has said, you didn't indicate to whom you thought you may be related, nor how, nor where your supposition comes from. No-one can help you at all until you reveal all!

The names of virtually all the 150-odd defenders, including patients and "non-coms", are known (with a possible uncertainty over two or three) and you'll see them all listed on this site ("links" left - "Other Defenders -> "garrison roll") and elsewhere. Which of these did you have in mind?

If you're only aware of a possible link (through a family story perhaps?) then you'll have to let us know as much as you can in order to (a) enable at least a guess at which defender may be the one, and (b) suggest which sources or avenues to pursue.

As you'll probably know, a Pte William Beckett, 1/24, died of wounds a few hours after the engagement and it may be him you're thinking of, but if so it'll be a case of proving your connection to him by the usual genealogical procedures, or disproving same by similar methods.