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26th August 2005Zulu Victory
By Peter Robinson
Having conducted a great deal of the research in UK on behalf of Ron and
Peter for their excellent book Zulu Victory and taken a great interest in the AZW. I feel Zulu Victory's contribution has helped enormously towards a better understanding of events of this battle. I would like to say that I find a remarkable similarity between the work of Saul David's recently published book on Isandlwana and Zulu Victory and there is little doubt in my mind that the research from the latter has found its way into the
Also, Zulu Victory, in my view presents a fresh angle, supported by primary source evidence on several aspects of the battle which I personally researched in the UK.
The book shows hitherto unpublished material in the Cover-Up section which has brought a new dimension to the understanding of this complex battle.
Certainly any book is open to criticism and Zulu Victory is no exception.The reviews in my scrapbook tell me that many experts on the subject have recommended it as essential reading for both historians and those wishing to extend their knowledge on the subject of the AZW.
If I may take the liberty of quoting some opinions, which in my view, far outweigh any lay criticism.
Professor John Laband, ( recognised leading Anglo-War historian, ) " Some of the
issues raised --- have been handled so well that I fear they might close off
further debate."
Mike Snook, British Army Review, " Zulu Victory is a must for anyone
interested in the Zulu War."
Sunday Times, " A fascinating read beyond the scholarly debate about who won
the battle."
David Rattray," Their recently published Zulu Victory, The Epic of Isandlwana and the Cover-Up, is a major contribution to the much debated saga of Isandlwana. It is thoroughly researched and beautifully written."

Whilst the book may have its critics, I believe the book to be a praiseworthy effort
and am proud of my contribution. It will, I believe stand the test of time.
Not all readers to this forum will be aware of all the works of Ron and Peter. In the past six years, when in retirement, both have devoted much of their time to this period of
fascinating nineteenth century history.
Their works include a print of the battlefield, painted by John Churchill Simpson, followed by a video of the battle which took 18 months to complete, then the Red Book, and Zulu Victory, followed by the excellent
Illustrated London News-The Zulu War, and soon to be published ' Zulu Vanquished ' in
which I again have contributed to a lesser extent on the research.
I have many of the works of Ian Knight and John Laband, both of whom I admire. Ron and Peter may arguably have not reached that plane, but their contribution is nevertheless enormous.

27th August 2005Julian Whybra
I agree absolutely. It was a throughly good read. Controversial too, and a breath of fresh air from the last 5 years' worth of AZW books.
27th August 2005Robert Jones
Superb---I,m sure many people are anticipating "Zulu Vanquished" with great pleasure.
28th August 2005CLIVE DICKENS
I could not agree more "Zulu Victory" is one of the best books that I have read . hopng that Lt Col Mikes Sooks book will be also.
30th August 2005Mike Snook

And I absolutely stand by my review of Z.V. - it's an outstanding book. You can be rightly proud of your role in support of Ron and Peter. Everybody interested in the AZW simply has to read it. Doesn't mean we have to agree with every word and contention it contains, however - isn't that the beauty of our particular hobby - military history coupled with a great detective case. Marvellous!!