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18th March 2001The Last Veterans
By Richard Howes
Does anybody know of any Zulu War veterans who lived beyond Frank Bournes May 1945 death? Did they recieve regimental funerals and were they treated with the same celebrity status as todays last few WW1 soldiers?
18th March 2001Alan Critchley
perhaps a good source for that information maybe Themba Mthethwa who contributed the 'Zulu Perspective' on this website. He has an interest in the Zulu aspects of the Anglo Zulu war and has Zulu Princes as aquaintances. His e-mail is in his article.

18th March 2001Ian Woodason
Out of the thousands of Anglo-Zulu War veterans we have traced the last recorded death (so far!) is Charles Wallace Warden of the 57th - He had carried the colours at Gingindlovu and died on the 8th March 1953.
He almost died much earlier though - He had been Deputy Lieutenant and High Sheriff of Co Kerry during the troubles there and was caught at home by the IRA. They had got him to kneel on the ground, pointed their weapons and told him to say his last prayer. At this point his wife intervened by putting herself between them and Charles. She refused to move and the IRA men left. He is featured in Tim Day's book 'But Burdens Shouldered'.
The longest living holder of the South African campaign medal found so far died at the age of 103 in 1934, in Dublin.
There were those who had fought to defend their homeland present during the British Royal Tour in 1947 and, obviously, there were many other Zulus who would have lived through the invasion as children alive well beyond that. For more info on veteran's and their later lives check out the links to our site - The Keynsham Light Horse - on the link page of this site.

Ian Woodason
19th March 2001Lee Stevenson
Philip Price late 2nd/24th died 20th June 1945, age 84

Joseph Davenport, late 2nd/24th died 25th January 1946, age 92

There was also another Zulu war veteran, called McGrath who was run over and killed by a bus in the middle of a blackout. c.1940's