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20th March 2005depot of royal engineers
By stephen mann
we all know chard and other royal engineers played a prominent role in the AZW (Durnford was also an engineer wasn't he?). Could anyone tell me what kind of depot system the RE had at the time? Were there depots in several counties or one big one? I know that my great-great-grandfather went up from Romney to London to enlist in the RE about 1870 but was sent to Afghanistan in 1879 and not Natal/Zululand.
20th March 2005Graham Mason
Dear Stephen ,
The best person who could tell you what you seek is Beverly WILLIAMS who is the asst curator of the RE Museum in Chatham , contact number is 01634 822839 and by the way there is a Zulu WAR display there on April 2 / 3rd 2005 . I was in the Engineers myself light years ago so if not too far away go along and have a look , all the best , Graham .
20th March 2005Julian Whybra
If you write it's Beverley, and she's a really helpful lady.
20th March 2005stephen mann
Thanks a lot chaps
21st March 2005Graham Mason
Again the demon speller strikes again ! , i missed an " E " out in BEVERLEY a person written to many times but i`m sure she will help as she is a very helpful lady .