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18th March 2005New V.C
By Phil Pearce
Although off topic of this site i would just like to say well done to Pte J. Beharry on being awarded his V.C. A very brave young man indeed.
18th March 2005Robert Jones
I second that, Phil---exceptional bravery and well deserved.
18th March 2005Glenn Wade
I'll third that!
18th March 2005Alan Critchley
His citation can be viewed at
18th March 2005Peter Ewart
Alan & Peter

I thought I'd remind you not to forget to adjust the total figure on the Home Page - but you've been very quick off the mark!

18th March 2005Paul Cubbin
I've just read the link Alan gave above - now that's one brave lad! The fact that he performed such actions twice - after having a time to think about the possible consequences, speaks volumes - Pte Beharry, we salute you.

Also, did anyone else get a flush of pride at the sturdy construction of British military kit? That a light tank, such as a Warrior, can take so many direct hits, and that a helmet can absorb a 7.62 round, without failing means someone somewhere is doing something right. (I was told by Gulf War vets that the Warrior was hard as nails - almost as tough as a Challenger II - but I wasn't really sure how much of this was hype and wishful thinking.)
19th March 2005Yank

Apparently it's the first one in 20 years.

1 Medal of Honor and now 1 Victoria Cross.

God Bless them.
19th March 2005Trevor
What a credit to his Mam/Dad and his Native Grenada.
I see from the papers he left poverty for a better life!
Now he has jioned a very select band of brothers!
Great Britain salutes you.