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16th March 2005'The Buffs' in the Zulu War
By Glenn Wade
I have been studying the movments and involvement of the 3rd (East Kent) Regiment, 'The Buffs' during the Anglo-Zulu War but apart from the Osprey Books by Ian Castle and Ian Knight, I have found very little info on the O/R dress during the War.
I don't wish to seem forward but if anyone can supply detailed pictures or info, I would be grateful
All the best
17th March 2005Julian whybra
Go to the 3rd Regt. Museum - they will help.
01227 452747 Royal museum, 18 High St., Canterbury, Kent CT1 2JE
free admission open Mon-Sat 10-5
17th March 2005Peter Ewart

As the Buffs were primarily involved with Pearson's column, the published account which contains the most coverage of their activities is probably Knight & Castle's "Fearful Hard Times" (Greenhill").

There are numerous artefacts from the AZW among the exhibits in the Buffs Museum, including medals among the large collectiion on display. However, as far as archives are concerned, all the records previously held at Canterbury were transferred to the custody of the National Army Museum about five years ago. These include a number of very old regimental photograph albums, although I can't recall how many relate to the AZW as it is over 25 years since I last examined them. You'll know that Ian Knight has used a number of them in the past as he acknowledges the museum. The quality of many of the originals in these albums is superb.

The curator in the 1980s began to organise the archive collection & compile a datebase of former Buffs but he was transferred elsewhere and the Museum has always had to share its administration with several other museums in the city, under the overall direction of one curator, who may or may not have aparticular interest in the Buffs.

17th March 2005Glenn Wade
Thanks for the info chaps. I'l check it out.
All the best
17th March 2005Chris John
Hey Glenn
Just a quick note to say that when i was in south africa at eshowe, i fell in the long grass over a small heastone ouside the norwegian cemetery. it belonged to casualties of the nyezane battle. it would have been in the ground in front of the church when the building where there. if you want more info, ill bring the pic n stuff with me on saturday for you to have a look
See you in carmarthen on sat
CJ 289
18th March 2005Glenn Wade
I remember you mentioned this at Cozzie last year mate. Bring along the picture if you would, I'd be interested to see it.
All the best
Glenn 247