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15th March 2005The circle turns - the redcoats return.
By Paul Cubbin
That particularly evocative title is meant to hide an otherwise boring topic, sorry.

At the risk of bringing up another 'Welsh vs English Regiment' discussion which, though at times highly entertaining, is a treat left for special occasions, I am referring to the Wales vs Ireland rugby match this Saturday.

How DARE I go off topic? This is a RORKES DRIFT website!

Well, right at the start of Wales' 6 Nations campaign, I confidently (err..) touted the ability of these new Redcoats (eh, eh, relevant, see) to sweep all before them in a scarlet tide. The Jones's and Williams's of Rorkes Drift would be proud!
Now, just one match away from that most holy of achievements, The Grand Slam, I make this pledge. With the modest wedge that my confident betting pre-tournament will earn me (if they win) I shall make a donation to 'The Wall' (see left) and maybe even buy a goodie or two from the 'Shop'. I have been promising to do both, but cash has been tight lately and we've just shelled out for a trip to Canada, so haven't been able to afford it as yet.
So, why tell us? Well, in the spirit of Rorkes Drift (or, more accurately the film 'Zulu') I want all site members, regardless of nationality (except Irish of course) to cheer on the Welsh defenders going out to win immortal glory. Never mind your chariot or your flower, you're out of it boys, cheer on the Dragon and see it breath fire once more.
15th March 2005Alan Critchley

of course, Peter and I will be cheering the Welsh Lads on.

15th March 2005Colin Blackler
With you in wishing a Welsh victory on Saturday but I seem to recall from previous threads that there were more Irishmen at RD than Welshmen.
So maybe a draw would suffice!
15th March 2005Andy Lee

Well said young man - I was one of the many members of the red army at Murreyfield on Sunday and hopefully be in Cardiff next weekend (no ticket sadly) cheering on the lads.

The Grand Slam, Six Nations coming home to Cardiff.

Enjoy the day mate.

15th March 2005Paul Cubbin
Colin - how dare you utter the foul 'D' word! That's the only way to disappopint everyone! Plus, of course, I won't win my Grand Slam or Triple Crown bets....
15th March 2005Mike Snook

You are wrong. Previous thread refers. I even put the proposition that there was a hefty contingent of Welshmen at RD, to trial by battle in advance of the England v Wales game. Since then Wales have not stopped winning. So there you are. Proof positive. But you can refer to previous thread if you are after a rather more measured argument!!
17th March 2005jim
off the track, the welsh have been quiet for a long time, now what is that saying we know so well? oh yeah, I know, you only sing, or your whinging, only joking boys, hope it's a good game, j
18th March 2005Mike Snook

I remember about 4 years ago we boxed an English regiment, (which we thrashed 7-2 of course!). Before their tails went down, their side of the auditorium piped up with that 'swing low' song that you lot so admire. Our boys then sang back that little Welsh ditty, telling them what they could do with their chariot. It was the first time any of the officers had heard it - normally we would take a disapproving stance of a song with that particualr swear word in, but I have to admit it was so funny we nearly fell off our chairs laughing.

Fingers crossed for the weekend.
18th March 2005Paul Cubbin
Mike - one of the rash of amusing T shirts I spotted following the Welsh victory over the 'Old Enemy' was a caricature of Gavin Henson with a diminuitive Matthew Tait tucked comfortably under one arm - the caption read 'Coming for to carry you home'. We did chortle.