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1st February 2002The Rorke's Drift Doctor
By Ian Woodason
Whilst books are being plugged I have just received my copy of Lee Stevenson's 'The Rorke's Drift Doctor, James Henry Reynolds, V.C. and the Defence of Rorke's Drift, 22nd-23rd January 1879'.

It is very good indeed - Lee's enthusiam for the subject comes across and the listings of those that served in a medical capacity in the conflict as a whole are a valuable source for students of the Anglo Zulu War. Lee has published this book himself and copies can be obtained from him - check out the 'News' section of this site for December 2001 for his contact details.

It is good to see such a work produced by a real enthusiast that has genuinely newly researched and previously unpublished material - and I have not received anything to say this!

Ian Woodason - over 1000 memorials online to those involved in the Anglo Zulu War of 1879 - and growing!
1st February 2002Andy Lee

My book is on order and I look forward to reading Lee's work - having been in contact with him I can endorse all that you say, in fact I would put him in the same top class league as the Keynsham.

1st February 2002John Young

I have got to agree with you on your comments. His Royal Highness Prince Velekhaya Shange's introduction sums the book up - let it a praise-song!