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11th January 2005A store ( as in on a high street ) for....
By Chris
hello everybody :-)

I have only very recently come across your very fine web site. This is also my first ' post '.

Hopefully not my last.

I read through many of the questions and responses given and its all so interesting.

Please, can anybody help me out?
I would dearly love to know if there are any stores , say in the South of England ( i live in Hampshire )... where i can actually go to look for prints of the Zulu war? I have looked at so many web sights now for the same but i really want to ' go and look ' for myself. To actually 'see ' what i am buying.

What i am interested in are prints or genuine antique Lithographs etc from that period. Also anything concerning the Prince Imperial.

If anybody could be of any assistance this would be most graciously appreciated.

Many thanks

and Happy New Year to you all

Chris x

ps... a quite remarkable web site here :-)
12th January 2005Coll
Regarding information about the Prince Imperial I would recommend the following book :-

With His Face To The Foe : The Life and Death of Louis Napoleon, The Prince Imperial, Zululand 1879.

by Ian Knight

12th January 2005Chris
Thankyou very much Coll

12th January 2005Martin Everett
Dear Chris,
Hampshire County Archives have done a lot of research into the Prince Imperial as he is buried on their patch as they say. A visit to the archives may be useful. For the contact details try (might not be correct - from memory)


12th January 2005Julian Whybra
As for Prints why not simply get copies of some of the excellent black and white ones from the Illustrated London News, etc. held at the British Newspaper Library at Colindale. It's easy and cheap to do. You're also not restricted to the ones that are commercially available.
12th January 2005Alan Critchley
Of course you could always get some 'excellent' specimens from the website shop. Saves the leg work!

12th January 2005Chris
" Thankyou Martin "

and " Thankyou Alan "

Your help is very much appreciated

12th January 2005Chris
and " thankyou Julian "

12th January 2005Chris
and " thankyou Julian "