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6th January 2005QUIZ
By Peter Ewart
We don't seem to have had one of these for some months now, so here's one for the weekend - if it lasts that long!

What do the following have in common?

1. Bertram Mitford (he of "the Zulu Country").

2. James Stuart (he of the Archives)

3. The late Queen Mother's newly (and fairly recently) appointed successor.

Don't all shout at once.

6th January 2005Peter Weedon

A wild guess - all have been associated with the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports.

7th January 2005Paul Cubbin
They were all drag artists?
7th January 2005Michael Boyle
Peter it's well beyond my meager knowledge but how in the world could one appoint to HRH a new mother?(Having been bounced on Queen Victoria's knee would seem a rather tough act to follow!)
7th January 2005Peter Ewart

You've identified the right job, but only one of the three have held this post, I'm afraid. Still, that points you in the right direction as to the identity of No 3. Keep going.

HRH is actually HM, as was her late mother, but we'll let that one go in view of your transatlantic disadvantage! The late QEQM held very many honorary posts and one of the most ancient of these has only fairly recently (summer 2004) been filled again. In fact, it is more ceremonial than honorary (if there's a difference) and Peter has correctly identified it.

So - away you go again. What has the current incumbent (who has no AZW connection that I know of) got in common with Nos 1 & 2, who clearly both have?

8th January 2005Michael Boyle
Thanks,they must have made the change after we fell out of loop!
9th January 2005Peter Ewart

Perhaps - but I have a feeling they were referred to as "Your Grace" before the days of "Your Majesty"!

On the subject of the link between these three, the most useful clue I can suggest is to concentrate on their early lives - then all will fal into place and appear crystal clear!

10th January 2005Peter Ewart
Well, you've had four days and no-one's got it! Slightly surprised, as I think it must be the first one which has remained unbeaten. Perhaps harder than I thought but I didn't expect it to survive this long!


All three were educated at Hurstpierpoint College, near Brighton, Sussex.

10th January 2005Peter Ewart
Forgot to identify No 3 in the above answer. He is Admiral the Lord Boyce, former Chief of the Defence Staff, no less. Appointed Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports last summer.

13th January 2005Richard
And how many cinque ports are there?
13th January 2005Peter Ewart
Don't get me going on them, Richard!

I am a native of a full member of the Cinque Ports Confederation. My home town of Rye, with its sister town of Winchelsea, was added to the original five (in 1292? - I can't remember!) but they received equal status with the original five.

So the answer is five, becoming seven - excluding all the "Limbs", of course, such as Deal, Tenterden etc.

Wandering off the subject now!

2nd February 2005Simon Copley
Is the answer that they are all the same person?