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5th January 2005More information
By luke

Hi i'm 15 years old and highly intrested in the zulu wars and i wondered how i could find any more information about it
5th January 2005Keith Smith
Dear Luke

Its good to see a young man like yourself taking an interest in a subject that have engaged many of the contributors to this site so completely. History, said my uni. lecturer, should be restricted to people over 18 years, and so you are an exception!

You should buy a couple of general books on the war and there have been several published of late. Perhaps the best of these is the Ian Knight work published for the National Army Museum but a cheaper version is his " Brave Men's Blood". The old Donald Morris book, Washing of the Spears, is very good but is prone to error and many of his thoughts have been repudiated. See a similar thread on this site.

You might also trawl through the many subjects raised here but to start on the subject they might be found somewhat incoherent and too detailed overall.

Good luck

6th January 2005Ian P
Hi Luke

I agree with Keith Smith it is good to see youngsters take an interest in History one good book i read was Anthology of the Zulu War by Edmond York it covers quite alot of things when i bought my copy it was from the regimental museum in Brecon who have many a book on the subject due to my last computer going down i do not have the web site for the shop but i'am sure some one out there could help you good hunting and enjoy the many book's you will come across
best of luck Ian
8th January 2005rai england
Hi Luke, a good background that covers all the zulu war period is 'washing of the spears' by the late Donald Morris, it is not 100% CORRECT but will give you a good grounding you can then get into the subject rather more deeply with the likes of Ian Knight, F.W.Jackson, Clements, J Young among others.
9th January 2005Robert Jones
Don,t forget Pr.John Laband, Ron Lock and Peter Quantrill.