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Isandlwana: The Revelation of a Disaster

Lock, Ron
ISBN 978 1 52670 742 0, Pen & Sword

Isandlwana: The Revelation of a DisasterIn 1878, H.M. High Commissioner for Southern Africa and the Lieut. General Commanding H.M. Forces, clandestinely conspired to invade the Zulu Kingdom. Drastically underestimating their foe, within days of entering the Zulu Kingdom the invaders had been vanquished in one of the greatest disasters ever to befall a British army.

The author not only dramatically describes the events leading up to the Battle of Isandlwana , and the battle itself but, with new evidence, disputes many aspects of the campaign long held sacrosanct.

Over a decade ago Ron Lock co-authored Zulu Victory, a book which triggered numerous debates on forums. Now he has released a new book on Isandhlwana, a more relaxed take on both the events and the senior officer in command - Colonel Durnford RE. In this he brings forth more in the way of the Zulu army intelligence network, plus interestingly, 3 people, possibly previously referred to in other books, are given a bit more detail about and how they possibly influenced some decisions and actions by the British High Command. Obviously, Ron follows the path more-or-less of the first book and the thesis he and Peter Quantrill compiled. He covers the discovery of the Zulu army and even how on the main battlefield itself, large numbers of warriors could advance a reasonable distance out of view of the British firing line, to appear right in front of them a short distance away. This helps in the understanding of a similar case faced on the high Nquthu plateau to the north of the camp.

I look upon this new title as almost a companion book to Zulu Victory, illustrating in detail more in the way of the mindset and thought processes of both sides, before, during and after the battle happened.

D.Suter. Nov.2017